Cement Tile Buying Guide. What to consider?

Our cement tile buying guide presents the opportunity to purchase an ancient tradition new. Learn how to lay floors reminiscent of lost wax enamelling here.

Cement Tile Buying Guide: What to consider?

Contrary to popular belief, cement tiles are not a product of the reinforced-concrete era. They appeared for the first time in Catalonia, Spain in the 1850’s, and caused great excitement at the Paris International Exposition in 1867. Turkish artisans soon seized on the opportunity to make patterns as intricate as metal enamelling using the lost wax method. This cement tile buying guide outlines when and how to use them.

Cement Tiles are Beautifully Robust

Cement tiles consist of finely ground pure Portland cement over a coarser layer of sand and cement mixture. There is no glazed surface that could become slippery when wet. Add their almost indestructible quality, and cement tiles are perfect for high traffic areas where numbers of people gather.

Use this Cement Tile Buying Guide when Shopping

Artisans press a layer of colour into the surface of the tile. This becomes part of the product and cannot chip away when a professional lays the tiles correctly. They make them one at a time, using mineral pigments. Cement tiles are like people in that each one is slightly different.

Choose them when you want a floor that is more

than a floor. One that is a special experience because there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. Note that our hand-made cement tiles are greatly superior to mass-produced ones from huge factories. The latter may use non-mineral-based pigments that will definitely fade with age.

Choose cement tiles from an artisanal factory that lovingly creates them to resemble metal enamelling. Insist on your choice of pigment combinations. Being handmade, means you can have any colours you want. Our cement tile buying guide presents the opportunity to purchase tradition anew. Here is a window to how to lay them.

When customers enter your restaurant, hotel, piazza, or shopping arcade, they find themselves in a space where postmodern blends seamlessly with iconic tradition. This level of quality soon migrates to your products in their minds. The food tastes better, and the rooms seem more deluxe. Only you need know your tiles are modern, and they cost less than their stunning appearance suggests.

Cement Tiles are Also Perfect for Homes and Apartments

The manufacturing method allows an almost infinite variety for kitchens, bathrooms living spaces, patios, and terraces. Our Turkish, Romanian, and Armenian craftspeople tirelessly turn out the intricate cement tiles that will help tell your story. They are anti-slip, and they will not fade for a long time.

The only thing preventing most companies selling them is they simply do not have the time and the patience to practice this art. We have both for we believe the journey and the destination both count. Come and see us soon. Have a vision of what we will create together.

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