Are you ready to have a more colourful and postmodern look in your home or office? In traditional cement floor tiles you can feel old and new at the same time. With the vibrancy of colourful pigments combined with the brilliance of marble powder and the glittering glitter, the encaustic cement tile of Tile Project Company emerges.

It offers a tempting experience that will warm you to your tiled bathroom, home, kitchen, hall, terrace and even the living room. Using cement tiles both for floor tiling and wall gives a spectacular view. Select a tile pattern, than colour it as you desire.

You will enjoy your stay at the restaurant or at the bar and even at the off-street. Even in dense human traffic, our non-fading tiles can last many years. With its anti-slip nature, it scores excellent results even on wet areas. Moreover, you can use them in your every tile project.

Moulds from the hands of Armenian and Rum craftsmen turn into these precious tales that are manually produced, pouring hand prepared cement pigment and marble dust carefully into each one of them.