What do you say about traveling in time with Ceramic Turkish Tiles? Are you ready to use tremendous works of art at home, at your office, at your hotel or at your restaurant, combining modern contemporary architectural ceramics with the ceramics from the past? Our glazed pottery with its own unique touch is brought by the modern architecture, enchanting you and those who experience them.

To mention a bit of history, our patterns reflect the history and culture of the city İznik that Ottoman, Seljuk, Byzantine and Roman Empires had dominated over time. Some of the motifs dates back to the 9th century. Every Empire has left a legacy from itself. These heritages are reflected in our motifs. Cloud stylizations, objects, naturalistic flowers and geometric patterns are the main motifs. Motifs aim to present creativeness by establishing a connection among the sky, the universe and people.

The red, blue, turquoise, white and green colours used in Turkish Tiles have proved their harmony for centuries and will create a cool air for the space. If you want to feel beauty, warmth, elegance and peace at your home or work place, you can do it with our Glazed Turkish Tiles.