Kitchen Design Ideas


The best kitchen design ideas start with choosing floor tiles. We make our handmade, Turkish tiles in glazed ceramics or cement according to your preference.

Kitchen Design Ideas with Hand Made Turkish Tiles

At first thought, it may sound exotic to use handmade tiles in the kitchen. Perhaps we could have them in the bathroom or on the patio instead. Please hold those kitchen design ideas for a moment. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any home. Surely, we deserve to make it attractive too.

Besides, kitchens are ideal places for families to gather, as kids do homework in the breakfast nook while parents prepare evening meals. We have some great kitchen design ideas using fine, silky cement tiles and glistening ceramic tiles to share.

  • Chop Out a Few Walls – Days of servants cooking dinner behind closed doors are long gone. Yet strangely, kitchens are still separate rooms in many homes. Fortunately, they are usually adjacent to living space and we can remove an intervening wall. Open out your life with integrated space flowing over handmade Turkish tiles.




  • The best kitchen design ideas start with the choice of floor tiles. We make our handmade, artisanal floor tiles in glazed ceramics or cement to order. You do not have to accept a compromise as you might in a tile store. The Tile Project Company can produce virtually any colour and pattern to order. In fact, you may even like to lay the floor first, and then go shopping for cabinets and worktops.


  • There are advantages to tiling under kitchen cabinets. Sure, it costs more, but the money returns to you later. Because you will not have the problem of what to do with the gaps the next time you renovate the room. Besides, fully tiled floors are more hygienic since you can seal the joints properly. This approach is ideal for farmhouse style kitchens that use freestanding pieces of furniture.



  • Floor tiles do not have to be square. Rectangular ones make spaces seem deeper or wider depending to how we lay them. A simple tile design makes a small room seem larger. We have many other techniques to share with you. There are great benefits from working directly with tile manufacturers compared to store clerks.


  • There is a compelling link between colours and appetites, although many books on kitchen design ideas fail to mention this. Experts believe grey turns people off food completely, while black and brown reduce interest. Blue suppresses appetites, while orange often stirs up hunger.


However, red is tops because it increases blood pressure and turns on the ‘hunting instinct’. Notice this in action next time you pass a takeout or restaurant. Those bright red chequered tablecloths and pizza ovens are not there by accident.

Our Turkish, Greek, and Armenian craftspeople can produce handmade tiles in any size, shape, and colour to order. These recall patterns of flowers and stars reminiscent of Old Istanbul’s oriental heritage. They will complement your kitchen design ideas and pull your plans together uniquely, as few mass-produced tiles ever will.

We have a choice of fine, silky cement tiles to choose with impressed designs. And the finest quality glazed ceramic tiles in combinations of red, blue, turquoise, white, and green just perfect for kitchens. May we suggest you choose your kitchen tiles first, so you have a theme that sets the tone.

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